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Barbara Blicharczyk-Zalewska MD, PhD

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Barbara Blicharczyk-Zalewska MD, PhD was awarded the diploma and title of medical doctor in 1990. Three years later she completed her first-degree specialization training in obstetrics and gynecology, while in 1998 she was awarded the title of second-degree specialist in this field. In 2001 she passed her PhD exam in the Medical Academy in Szczecin and defended her doctoral dissertation that she wrote under the supervision of Stanisław Stanosz Prof., MD, PhD titled: „Some of the biochemical aspects of breast cyst fluid in women".

An ambitious specialist, she is constantly developing her skills. She has completed numerous specialist courses and trainings in ultrasound diagnostics of feta! defects, Doppler diagnostics in obstetrics and gynecology, prevention and early detection of cervical cancer, and other subjects. She is also equipped with certificates confirming her knowledge and practical skills in performing cosmetic gynecology procedures. What is more, she keeps her knowledge upto-dałe by participating in many scientific conferences and symposia organized by, among others, the Polish Gynecological Society (that she is a member of).

Her competences, substantial knowledge and a wide range of services in which she specializes allow her to provide a high-level gynecological care. The great trust that her patients place in her is confirmed by the award "Patient's Laurels 2013" that she won in the Polish National Medical Poll.

Range of services and procedures

Barbara Blicharczyk-Zalewska MD, PhD specializes in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of female genital conditions. She takes care of pregnant patients. Moreover, she is well experienced in performing cosmetic gynecology procedures aimed to correct the appearance of the intimate area. Some of the procedures performed by her arę_. laser procedures using the MonaLisa Touch system (laser vaginal revitalization, labiaplasty and laser treatment of urinary incontinence)

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