Expat Med. B.V. (Zelfstandig behandelcentrum) Hoofdvestiging: Alard du Hamelstraat 33, 5622CC Eindhoven, Expat Med. B.V. Vestiging Den Haag: Assendelftstraat 12, 2512VV Den Haag, Tel: +31 628 741 004, E-mailadres: info@lekarz.nl
Our medical team of experienced english speaking is at your disposal.

What we can offer you:

  • GP consultation
  • Gynaecological consultations and cytology
  • Gastroenterology consultation
  • Urological consultation with USS
  • Minor urological surgeries
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • ENT consultations
  • Comprehensive clinical pathology analysis-tests and following profiles:
    • Allergy Screen incl. food and inhalant
    • Food intolerance tests
    • Faecal occult blood test 
    • Lipid
    • Liver
    • Renal
    • Female Infertility
    • Male Infertility
    • Thyroid Function
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • and many more


Staff is competent and friendly - we try to help every patient quickly and efficiently.

Examinations are performed by qualified doctors, who are experienced in General Internal Medicine, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon Urology, Gynecology, General Surgery, ENT Specialist, Gastroenterology.  Our aim is to make your time in our facility as relaxing and as enjoyable as possible.